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Hello! I'm Alexa, the artist, designer, and all around Fur Mama behind this operation. Thanks for stopping by! As a treat, here are some tidbits about me:

Hobbies: Hanging out with my pup, Nala, eating yummy food and watching sports with Fur Papi, drinking coffee, curling up with a good book, trying to grow more fingers to fit more rings, and lounging on the dog beach.

My Style: Deep discounts, Goodwill and hand-me-downs from my stylish mom and nana... Less money spent on clothes means more spent on spoiling my dog, extra large coffees and bigger art supply hauls!

Obstacle That Would Defeat Me On Fear Factor: Ladybugs! I can handle a big spider, snake, and ghost story, but keep those stinky beetles away from me!

Education and Schooling: B.F.A. Studio Art and Illustration from Grand Valley State University... Go Lakers!