What to Expect When Ordering a Custom Portrait:

First of all… Yay! I’m so happy you’re here. A custom hand-painted-with-love painting is THE perfect way to honor your furry family member, whether they are with you presently or living it up across the rainbow bridge. Our pets give us so much: happiness, companionship, humor, a few grey hairs… Celebrating them with a painting is the least we can do!

Pets are my passion, obviously. I work HARD to capture their essence, right down to the twinkle in their little eyes. You can trust me to create a piece that you and your family will cherish forever, as I treat every portrait as if it was my own furbaby. I obsess over the little crinkle in that one whisker, or a trademark cowlick. It’s these little details that make each painting truly one of a kind and as true to life as possible. But, don’t take my word for it… CHECK OUT what my amazing clients (and new-found friends) are saying about their portraits from Fur Mama Studio!


So What’s Included?

• Ideation, to decide on the perfect background, colors, and composition for your artwork.

• Artwork, your one-of-a-kind painting is completed quickly and to your HIGHEST satisfaction. Materials and supplies are included. The only extra charge you could have is shipping, if required.

• LANSING MI residents will receive complimentary delivery to the address of your choice.

• A new friendship! I am honored to paint such a special member of your family. Your trust in me is so appreciated and I will do anything and everything I can to make your experience with
Fur Mama Studio as positive as possible.

• Possible tears of joy! I mean, who WOULDN’T cry from the cuteness?

Let’s Talk About Investment!

Investing in a custom portrait is pretty darn special. You’re a BIG deal when you buy art ;) I base my prices on market research, cost of material, level of detail/type of painting, and time I will spend working on the piece. You can view my current prices and available sizes HERE.

I strive to provide affordable options for any type of desire. Whether you’re a college student working three jobs and buying budget dog food (yeah, I’ve been.. ok.. am still there) or a seasoned art collector with a wall behind your sofa to fill, I have a solution for you. Everyone deserves to be able to spoil their pets, and I will work hard to find an option that fits your life. I understand life doesn’t always go as planned, so don’t hesitate to ask about my available payment plans!


How to Seal the Deal: (a.k.a. The Portrait Ordering Process)

1: Decide on your canvas size.

2: Deposit (or half of total minus shipping) is due. There’s SO many ways to pay. I accept cash, check (ask for details), card, PayPal, or Venmo. Don’t worry, I gotchu.

3: Send reference photos and pick your background/composition. If you need help with choosing a photo or don’t know the 5 Commandments of Reference Photos, check out this helpful post.

4: Read an awesome book OR scroll through my BLOG while your artwork is completed. I try to provide an approximate timeline when you order, according to how my books look at the time.

5: Provide your shipping address.

6: Second half of total (plus shipping) is due.

7: Watch out your window for the mailman to deliver your awesome painting! Yay!

BONUS! How to Save Some Money:

1. REFER A FRIEND! If you refer a friend to Fur Mama Studio and they book a portrait with me, you will get 10% off your next portrait!

2. LEAVE A REVIEW! If you leave a review on Facebook or through email about your experience with Fur Mama Studio, you will get 10% off your next portrait!

3. If you live in the Lansing, MI area, FREE delivery of your artwork is included in your purchase!

So, what are you waiting for?? Let’s create a memory that will last a lifetime… Order your custom portrait HERE!