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Custom Drawn Portrait - 2019 “Pippin and Penny are sisters by choosing and the two most loving, playful, and humorous pups you’ll ever meet. They both have SO much personality and love their fur parents more than anything in this world! Pippin is one year older than Penny and plays the “mature” big sister role all the time. Penny is constant energy and will never turn down a moment to play tug or roll around on the floor. My fur babies are my world and I couldn’t imagine life without them in it!

Great communication and ideas shared! The product that arrived exceeded my expectations x100000 and I couldn’t be happier! Will be ordering again real soon!” -Ashley



Custom Portrait - 2019 “Portrait was the perfect representation of the picture of our dog.” -Kimberly



Custom Portrait - 2019 - “Life never goes as planned. We told our selves that we were going to wait to get a puppy (Weimaraner to be more specific) when we were “ready”. Well, one day we got a message from a woman needing to re-home her daughters sweet, 4 month old, Weimaraner. After some discussion between the two of us we decided to go look at her. Jake said, “You know if we go look at her, we won’t be able to say ‘no’.” and sure enough we went back and brought her home at the end of the week. We have been blessed beyond measure with our Gracie girl. She is smart, loyal, and sweet. Being outside is probably one of her most favorite things. She runs the dirt bike track like it’s her own and can never say no to playing tag and fetch. I never knew I could love a puppy as much as I love the whole 78 lean lbs of her. She is our best girl and I am so thankful that I always have her wiggly butt waiting for me at the door ♥️

Fur Mama Studio is PAWsome! Alexa (AKA: Fur Mama) did such an amazing job capturing our fur baby. The amount of detail and skill that was put into Grace’s portrait is astounding. I could tell Alexa has true passion for what she does. It shows in not only her art work but also in the discussions we have had as well. She truly wanted to get to know Grace and her relationship with Jake and me before she started to work on the piece to make sure she was able to fully capture our babies personality. Gracie definitely gives her portrait 4 paws up (5 if she had another)!” -Jake & Riley



Custom Portraits - 2017 & 2018 - “Alexa, I knew you had a gift when you were just a little girl. Your love for animals and your passion to capture them on paper… The paintings you have done of Sophia are amazing. We will cherish them forever.” -Lonnie



Fur Mama Matte - July 2018 - “I was lucky enough to sit beside Fur Mama herself throughout our college years and watch her grow into the artist she is today! Traeger is our clumsy, cuddly, blocky-headed fur baby that has become one of our very best friends. Our photo session with Fur Mama Studios was one of the most enjoyable experiences. Not only is she talented with the camera, but also with the puppers! She is incredibly motivated, creative, and constantly challenging herself to venture out and try new ideas, strategies, materials, and more. I envy her charisma and dedication to her work and all the fur babies!” - Abbie W



Custom Portrait - Summer 2018 - “Fur Mama Studio created an incredible portrait of my puppy, Sophie! Unlike other artists who only paint the breed, she really managed to capture Sophie’s light in her drawing and Sophie really shines through. I will cherish this gift for a very long time, even after Sophie passes. ❤️ Thank you so much!” -Chloe